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Travel and Blog Updates

Good gracious, it’s November!  I know everyone says it, but I am going to add my voice to the rest in saying this year has flown by.  Some of you may have noticed my posting schedule has changed a little and I wanted to do a quick update on travel plans and my posting schedule.

Travel Plans for the remainder of 2017

So first and most importantly…travel.  In a week and a half we will be heading to Ireland.  Not entirely sure what our schedule in Ireland is as of yet, but follow us on Instagram (theworldisntflat…yes shameless Instagram plug) for daily pictures while we are traveling.  The Ireland posts will start towards the end of November.

We are going to be in Ireland for a week, then heading back home for three weeks.  Next in December we are going on our week long family cruise.  Keep an eye out for tips on taking your kids cruising, along with tips on how to sneak adult time in while cruising with your family and other fun cruising hacks.  These posts will be coming toward the beginning of January, just in time to book your own family cruise for the new year!

Which leads me into…

Post schedule for the foreseeable future 

I have recently only been posting on Thursdays and this actually seems to be doing better than when I post five times a week!  This to me is quite shocking because I thought the more I wrote the more people would like my site, but it really is quality over quantity.

In keeping with this philosophy, I will only be posting on Thursdays with occasional post on Tuesday and of course my Sunday travel deals when I find them.  I am enjoying researching travel topics and writing and rewriting articles till I get it just how I want it without a deadline driving me to just put anything out there, so that is what I am going to do.

I hope you guys and gals are enjoying the recent posts about tips and tricks for travel.  Look for more over the next two weeks!

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  1. Hope you guys have the best time in Ireland! Where’s your cruise going?

    Just followed you in IG. Will you guys also post some IG stories/videos too? I love watching those!! Haha and as for posts yeah I’ve found that posting 1-2x per week is better. I usually spend more time around promoting those posts too.

    1. We are cruising to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and then NCL private island. I told Drew it had to be somewhere warm! Everywhere we traveled this year has been cold it seems, I want a beach and warmth! I have done one video on Instagram, haven’t tried the stories yet, but I will definitely give it a go! I am right there with you I love watching the 30 second travel clips first thing in the morning!

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