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Homemade and/or Unique Gifts Ideas for the Traveler in your Life

It’s that time of year again!  People are getting ready to have a wonderful family feast then rushing out to grab all the awesome sales and deals…wait do people still do that?  I don’t believe I have left my house for Black Friday shopping in at least five years.  Either way, whether you are rushing out to go to a brick and mortar store or pulling out your phone to shop from the palm of your hand, I have compiled a small list of “not so ordinary” practical (not frivolous) gifts for the traveler in your life.  These are unique gifts that most people don’t think to get for the traveler, but every traveler I know uses a form of these gifts in one way or another.


  1. Collapsible Cup with Lid  Seriously a life saver. This takes up no space in a backpack and weighs next to nothing which is a awesome for the budget traveler.  Having a lid is a must, as well as being able to handle hot and cold beverages.  This cup cost $9.79 and is a great stocking stuffer gift as well!bag1
  2. Reusable Compact Shopping Bags  Love these!  A must for every traveler!  These can hold up to 42 pounds and are washable which is awesome for laundry days or grocery shopping while travelling.  The bags are small enough to fit into pockets and at $9.99 it won’t break the bank.smashbox1
  3. Smashbox Drawn In. Decked Out. Set  This is set is great for every female traveler that wears even a little makeup.  The reason is it comes with three travel size (a little bigger than the palm of your hand) palettes.  For the two eyeshadow palettes in the set, one is completely cool toned and one is completely warm toned.  These palettes are lightweight and have a decent size mirror.  The highlighter palette I have never used, but on my recent trip to Ireland I only took the cool toned palette out of this set and the wear time and the quality is awesome.  This set sells for $39.00 at Ulta.planner1
  4. Moleskin Planner/Journal  This is honestly just a planner, but every week has a full lined page to journal, write ideas, create budgets, etc which is why I said planner/journal.  I have used Moleskin for the past year, and these are honestly created with travelers in mind.  There is a page solely dedicated to travel planning and it has a world map that is made to be colored or drawn on to keep track of where you have been.  All of this and it is a hard covered book that is actually light weight and a little bit thicker than a pencil.  I carry mine in my purse for everyday use as well as travel with it to use as a journal for ideas.  The moleskin is about $20 on Amazon.
  5. Audio Book subscription   There are a few out there and while me favorite is Audible,  I will let you decide what works for you .  Audible you get one book a month, and others you get more than one book.

I also have a few ideas for homemade gifts if you are on a tight budget as well or are crafty in nature.

  1. Small First Aid Kit – This can be a homemade kit as long as it’s compact.  I have my kids make these for their grandparents since they are constantly on the move.  Remember if you make these, the goal is to fix minor issues, or get the person moving enough to get to the pharmacy for what they need.  So a whole bottle of Tylenol isn’t needed for this kit, but two or three single serving packets is a better idea.  Same with Tums, Pepto, or Dayquil.  And of course don’t forget the bandaids and single servings of neosporin
  2. Sheet Masks – These are portable and really can be dressed up anyway you want.  There are $.99 ones at Walmart, or $3 ones at Ulta, but usually moisturizing ones are a good idea as anyone travelling to colder climates will have issues with dry skin.  Sheets masks are small slim and weigh next to nothing.  Buy a few and put in a pretty cellophane baggie with glitter and a few fake holly twigs and wrap with a bow for a simple yet beautiful gift.
  3. Laundry Kit – this is more for travelers who tend to wash their clothes in a sink (doesn’t everyone at one point or another?).  A few single servings of detergent, a sink stopper, and a stain removal pen and it’s a tidy homemade gift for travelling.  Again this is done up nicely in a cellophane baggie.

If you have any other gift ideas for travelers let me know as I am always looking to expand this list.

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  1. These are great gift ideas for travelers! I love that collapsible cup with a lid! That would be so perfect for backpacking or camping trips! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome ideas!

    1. I have used it for camping trips, and I will say the material it’s made with does collect dirt. It’s easily cleaned off, but I did want to mention that!

    1. I love the homemade gift ideas. My kids and I try to make at least one present for each person and so far I have noticed the homemade gifts tend to get used and loved more than the store bought.

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