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The National Wax Museum in Dublin – Worth it?

During our recent trip to trip to Ireland we decided to stop by the National Wax Museum which is off of Westmoreland Street in Dublin.  It was a rainy day, I wasn’t feeling well and we had heard pretty good things about it on TripAdvisor, so we meandered over to take a look.

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The museum is open 7 days a week and tickets are €15 for adults.  While the map you are given shows three floors of fun, a walk through the museum will take up only about an hour, maybe two if you walk super slow.  The mirror maze will probably take the most time, however if you know the trick of looking at the floor for the lines showing a mirror is touching there, this will only take a minute to walk through as it did with us.

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The best part of the wax museum for me was the “kids” exhibit with the teenage mutant ninja turtles, Batman and Joker.  Drew and I had a blast in this area taking pictures with our favorite characters!  The exhibit is in a pretty small area in the museum, compared to other exhibits like the enchanted forest, but it’s still the highlight of the museum in my opinion.

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Is the National Wax Museum in Dublin worth it?  My answer is definitely a no.  I would say the museum is overpriced for what it is and honestly even with the kids area I wouldn’t say it’s a child appropriate activity (chamber of horror, horror hotel, etc).  While the statues are life like and I did enjoy my hour in the museum (especially the kids area), I would recommend saving your €15 and touring the Jameson Distillery on Bow Street in Dublin instead.  The distillery tour is only €5 more and is definitely more entertaining!





  1. Wax Museums seem like they’re in almost every major city! Yeah that does seem a bit overpriced if you guys didn’t spend that long there. I’ve only been to the ones in San Francisco and NYC those ones were probably bigger. I think the only reason we went was it was included in our city pass bundle!

    1. I have seen wax museums in other places we have traveled, but this was my first time going in one. Drew totally geeked out over getting to pose with Batman and Joker (ok, I loved posing with the TMNT) but that really wasn’t worth the price.

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