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$89 Norwegian Air Shuttle flights – Worth it?


Yes these prices really do exist.  The above screenshot was taken on 11/29/17 from Norwegian’s website.  These are real prices.  Now, knowing that are you tempted to head to Ireland?  Cold weather not your style?


How about somewhere warmer?  Flights from New York to Guadeloupe’s Pointe-à-Pitre are $59.

Ready to start planning that holiday now? I recently flew with Norwegian to Ireland and I have a few thoughts I wanted to share with you about the airline.  This is not a sponsored post and I don’t even have an affiliate link, these are just my opinions after flying twice with them (and yes both times I paid full price for the tickets).

First I want to point out that these are one way flights.  Now before you start thinking “so that’s where they get you” let me direct your attention to the prices of a return flight below.


You could fly to Ireland April 10th and return April 25th for a total of $271.10.  That’s fantastic! I have priced it out and even skyscanner isn’t currently showing these prices.  The best part is that is the total price.  There isn’t any taxes or surcharges on top of that price.


For these prices you get a LowFare ticket which is the cheapest possible option.  Will that be an issue?  Let’s find out.  Here is what you get for that price.  A seat on the plane which is not assigned till you arrive at the airport, and one free carry on up to 10kg (22 lbs).  That’s it. Everything else costs extra.  In all fairness, I did carry a purse and a backpack onto the plane and did not have an issue with it, although when they weight your carry on (and YES they weigh it) the weighed my purse and backpack together to make sure I was not over the weight limit.

First let me address the seat assignments.  It was only me and Drew flying and we knew going in we might not sit together and we were ok with that.  We had the whole holiday together, sitting together on the flight wasn’t a big deal, however we did sit together.  We arrived at the airport 3.5 hours early (I know insane) but we didn’t have anything else to do and I wanted to catch up on my website so we headed to the airport.  Not only did we get to sit together, but on the way over we got exit rows so we had extra leg room!  The flight back, we again arrived at the airport 3 hours early (I was sick, but more on that later) and we got seats together again.

Onto the big and scary, carry on weight limit.  For reference, Drew and I both carried on a 36 liter Cabin Zero backpack.  Going there, we wore our heaviest clothes on the plane.  I had on a thermal shirt and pants along with a pair of jeans, a heavy flannel shirt and my winter coat.  In my backpack, I had my camera, 2 pairs of jeans, 4 different long sleeve tops, a sweater, another pair of thermals (I get cold super easy so a must for me), 2 short sleeved tops, sneakers, my tripod and of course undergarments and socks.  My backpack weight 14 pounds.  Not only did I pack enough, I honestly over packed.  We did take our little portable digital luggage scale, which is a must if you are flying with this airline because I saw so many people have to check their carry on because they were over the weight limit.

Other fees that you might get hit with are: credit card fees (if you choose to pay with a credit card, debit cards are not included in this), name change or rebooking fee, connecting flight fee, and service charge for airport or phone bookings.  We did not have to pay any of these fees so I can’t really comment on them other than to let you know they are there.  The tickets are also nonrefundable.

On the flight back the flight attendant asked us no less than 5 times if we wanted something to eat or drink.  This, of course, costs extra, however the prices aren’t outrageous, (but they aren’t reasonable either).  They also only take credit cards during the flight, no cash.  We packed granola bars for the flight and a bottle of water, but we did end up getting a ham and cheese croissant while in flight and it was surprisingly good.

Onto the actual plane and employees….they are FANTASTIC!  Getting checked in was a breeze, and the agents were nothing but kind and professional.  Chatting with you enough to know they care but not enough that it held up the line after your ticket was issued.  Once we boarded the flight attendants were very careful to check and make sure everyone was obeying all safety rules.  An example of this was the captain turned on the fasten seat belts sign when we hit turbulence and the attendants were immediately in the aisle checking on everyone making sure their seat belts were fastened (I don’t know if other airlines are supposed to do that I have flown with a few different ones that have never done this so it definitely impressed me).  The plan itself was very clean and while we had a good laugh as we sat down at the safety card (it was so funny to sit down and immediately see something that said “run away from aircraft”) everything just felt like an efficient well oiled machine.  Nothing fancy, just a great vehicle to get you there.


Is Norwegian Air Shuttle’s worth it? YES!  Double yes!  In fact, I am booking a flight to Guadeloupe as soon as Drew can confirm the time off with his work!

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  1. What a great read! I never knew about Norwegian’s Air Shuttle’s! Will definitely keep them in mind. Have fun in Guadeloupe!

  2. Not heard of these shuttle flights before. Have flown to Norway with them from London and it was a good service.

  3. This is a great deal on flights even if you can’t pack a ton of stuff. I think it would be fun to go somewhere fun with my husband one day with these prices.

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