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5 Tourist mistakes you should try to avoid


Squatting over a hole in the ground that was labeled a toilet, holding myself up and looking around for toilet paper and not finding any.  Okay so sorry for the visual, but this happened to me, just this year at a train station in Italy.  Everyone makes mistakes and I really wish I would have read a list like this before heading to Italy so at least part of this situation could be avoided.  The end to that story…well that will go into my top worst moments of 2017 article coming up, but since then I have been working on a list of the top tourist mistakes you should avoid while traveling, and I think I have finally finished it.

Here it is the top 5 tourist mistakes you should avoid:

#1  Taking pictures of everything

So many people spend the entire trip with a camera (or phone) glued to their face trying to get that perfect shot.  I am guilty of this one too, but the reason this is a mistake is you spend the better part of your trip taking pictures and you return home only to upload those pictures and feel overwhelmed at having to sort through them.  This probably means you will never sort through them so you wasted half you trip for nothing.

#2  Not having change for the washroom/bathroom

Someone has to maintain the washrooms/bathrooms and that person needs to get paid.  This is done by you in quite a few countries.  It’s not always free and trust me it’s quite embarrassing to get up there and not have any change.  Just always have some change on you just in case.

#3  Assuming pedestrians have the right away

This is not always the case.  It’s your job to know if you have the right away and be on the alert when crossing the street.  Please don’t just assume because you see a crosswalk you can walk out into traffic and they will automatically stop.  This is not the case and getting hit by a car while travelling is a big mistake to avoid!

#4  Assuming everyone can speak English

It’s a lot easier to get a phrase book just in case.  I made this mistake when we went to Italy.  While everyone spoke English relatively well in the larger cities, we stayed in a small town where very few people spoke English and we got very proficient with the basics just so we could order coffee or gelato.

#5  Not carrying toilet paper or tissues

While in the United States having toilet paper in the washroom is commonplace, that is not the same everywhere.  Carry toilet paper (or tissues work just as well) in your purse and save yourself from the discomfort and awkward situation of being caught without any.  Yes this happens…read the introduction again.

There you have it, 5 of the most common tourist mistakes.  There will be a part two to this coming up within the next week so check back to read about more common tourist mistakes.

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  1. This is one of those tips that I would love to share, we have the same perception about these mistakes that travelers do comit whilst on their travels in foreign countries. Anyway the most essential for me is to bring toilet tissue paper, that’s on my top 1 not to forget things to bring.

  2. We’re spoiled because most people do learn English in their schools from countries all over the world… but it’s always nice when we have to put ourselves in their shoes and use that phrasebook!

    1. I love seeing someone’s face light up as I struggle with trying to talk in their own native tongue. Sometimes it’s with laughter, I will admit, but most of the time it’s with delight.

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