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What travel means to me and goals for 2018

What is travel to you personally? Is it going to the next town over from you and getting dinner at a nice place?  Is it taking a tent and minimal supplies and heading into a forest to spend the night with nature?  How about taking a road trip to a predetermined destination and spending time there or is it heading to a predetermined destination and jumping off and stopping at the odd and end places along the way that you spot?  Is it jumping on a plane and travelling thousands of miles overseas or cruising on a huge ship overseas?  Is it living in an RV and moving from location to location without having a permanent home or maybe putting all your belongings in a backpack and going where the road or plane takes you?

I have had my blog for a year today (happy blogversary to me), and my definition of travel has grown and expanded over the last year in ways I didn’t think possible. When I started my blog it was supposed to be diary of how my husband and I manage to travel abroad with four kids at home and both of us having full time jobs.  Over the course of this year it has turned more into an informational travel guide for locations we have been and different types of travel we do.  In August of this year I changed the my mission statement to “An inspiring and informative travel blog for any and all types of travel” due to me adding the tent camping category.  I started playing with the idea that there is quite a lot of travel blogs out there (hard to believe I know) and they all focus on one or at most three types of travel in general.  International or domestic, rving or domestic, tent camping and backpacking…you get where I am going.  I wanted my blog to be a one stop shop for any traveler no matter what type of traveling you do.  This is why I changed my mission statement and added tent camping in August.  That made a total of three different types of travel on my blog.

My goals for this year are adding the cruising category during January as we just went on our first cruise since I started writing, and adding a family travel section will come up as well within the first few months of 2018.  We are also wanting to buy an RV to make travel with our dogs easier for us, so that category will follow in the middle of year. This year I hope to reach more people with more information as well as expand information for my current subscribers and help all travelers with all kinds of travel.

Come along with us on the next stages of our journey to become a one stop shop of travel information.  Next year is definitely looking bright for us here at The World Isn’t Flat!

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  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary Trish!! That’s awesome that you’ve celebrated a year already. I’m definitely interested to hear updates about your RV purchasing process. I’ve never traveled in one before! I still am brainstorming ideas for a quick weekend getaway for my 1 year anniversary with hubby. My only other travel goal so far for 2018 is to try solo travel and/or book something in the US Southwest to explore for next fall.

    1. Thank you! I want to try solo travel as well, but my hubby always gets this sad puppy dog look when I mention going somewhere without him! Happy (early) anniversary!

      1. Haha same with mine, but he physically does not have as much time off so after our 2 week honeymoon in Italy he had to make a lot of time up 🙁 and work a couple weekends. Plus he hates flying since he can never sleep on those. So I think it’s ok! That way I have someone to drop me off/pick me up ;D at the airport.

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