So we bought a motorhome…

“That’s great!  We’ll take her!”  and with those words we sealed our fate. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it’s been a roller coaster ride, and we are still hanging on tight waiting for the twists and turns we know are coming soon.  We just didn’t know how soon.  As we pulled into the DMV with the guy that sold us the motorhome (so we could get the title taken care of) one of the tires exploded.  Drew proceeded to wait for three hours for the tire guy to come replace the tire so the motorhome could be driven home.

Now before I get too far ahead of myself, let my give you a little back story.  As I previously mentioned, we were planning on buying a camper or motorhome sometime this year to be able to travel more often.  We love travelling by plane, tent or boat, but we also wanted to be able to take our dogs with us as we travel around the U.S. so a motorhome seemed like a good idea.  I do say seemed like a good idea, because Drew and I know NOTHING about motorhomes.


Knowing absolutely nothing about motorhomes, we did the only logical thing we could think of, and we bought one.  We bought a 1995 Pace Arrow 37 foot class A motorhome.  I just want to mention that we were originally looking at a 21 foot camper, and somehow we ended up with a huge beast we affectionately call “Big Bertha”.   Big Bertha drives and her internal parts work, but the inside needed a little sprucing up.  By a little, I mean a lot.

Now the fun part about Big Bertha is that neither Drew nor I have ever driven anything this big.  I was not with Drew when he drove it home, but I did see him hit a neighbor’s basketball goal driving down our street along with trying to take out our other neighbor’s mailbox.  In the end she made it home with only minor scratches.

We have gutted the motorhome and started piecing her back together slowly but surely.  We are hoping by late spring she will be move in ready and by the summer we will be on the road for two months straight without a worry in the world.  Until then on the weekends and when I am not travelling, we are working on getting Big Bertha ready.  I will keep you guys and gals up to date on her progress, but probably won’t go into too much technical stuff, mostly because I wouldn’t know how to explain what we did or even why we did it.


To be perfectly honest, my first goal is to figure out what all the switches do, and then after that get the walls taken care of.  We are hoping to accomplish these two goals before our Iceland trip the first week of February.  Fingers crossed we can at least get that done!



  1. Sometimes it’s the unplanned things and calculated risks that make a travel experience become worthwhile. I’m sure you’ll have a blast with that. Looking forward to your travel posts wih your new family member!

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