Jameson Distillery versus Guinness Storehouse


If your first thought was how can those two beverages ever be compared to each other, let me just say I am comparing the PLACES not the beverages.  Both places are located in Dublin, and if you are on a time crunch and can only visit one I wanted to give you my honest opinion about which would be the better one to visit.  Please keep in mind that I do not like to drink Jameson or Guinness, so my views are going to be solely about the tours and buildings themselves. So without further explanation here it is, Guinness versus Jameson!


The first thing we are going to compare is the price.  This honestly will probably hold very little weight during the decision making process, but I did want to include it.  The self guided tour through the Guinness Storehouse is €25.00 for adults.  This price does include a glass of Guinness.  For the Jameson Distillery on Bow Street, the guided tour is €20.00.  You will get some Jameson with this ticket price as well.


Next on our list is the tours.  One is self guided and quite a few stories tall, while the other is a guided tour that consists of a few different rooms.  As mentioned previously, Guinness Storehouse is a self guided tour.  I enjoyed this aspect of it because I could take my time and learn what I wanted to, and skipped over what I didn’t want to.  My favorite part was the recipe wall.  So many different recipes and uses for Guinness, I fell in love with a few and brought them home to try. However with the Jameson Distillery, I felt I actually learned more.  Our tour guide knew what he was talking about and you could tell he loved what he did.  He went over everything and answered any and all questions not matter what they were about.  The best part of this tour was seeing the old books from when the distillery was first opened showing employees and families that worked there and equipment they used.


Along the lines of the tours, is the age that the exhibits were geared towards.  Walking through the Guinness Storehouse, I got the feeling it was geared toward the younger crowd.  There were quite a few more colorful and fun exhibits along with photo booths and places to drink. The Jameson Distillery felt as though it was more refined and geared towards not necessarily the older crowd, but the “non partying” crowd.  To say it was more cut and dry makes it seem boring, but it wasn’t at all.  It was to the point and little to no frills which was much appreciated.


The time you will spend in each varies as well.  We arrived at the Guinness Storehouse right as is opened and we spent about 2.5 hours walking around and hanging out at the Gravity Bar. For the Jameson Distillery we spent about 50 minutes in the tour and another 15-20 sitting at the bar afterwards.  If you are on a time crunch I would recommend the Jameson Distillery.  While you can finish the Guinness tour quickly, you never want to rush a self guided tour that you paid for.

Truth be told, I preferred the Jameson Distillery tour over the Guinness Storehouse.  My reasoning behind this is that I liked having someone explain everything to me and I felt it was geared more towards people like me who don’t necessarily drink Jameson but enjoy learning about the history and processes.  Drew enjoyed the Guinness Storehouse more.  He actually drinks Jameson, and didn’t like Guinness however after learning how to pour a proper glass, he has since decided he LOVES Guinness.   Both tours are worth the money, however I will say the Jameson Distillery does not have anything that compares to the Gravity Bar.


Have you been to either of these places?  Which one was your favorite and why?


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