6 Tips for staying healthy while cruising


For starters, let me just say cruise ships are for having fun and enjoying yourself.  So it’s really important you definitely do that.  If that means you want a cream cheese stuffed French toast smothered in syrup for breakfast, then go for it!  You are on a cruise ship and should definitely be living it up.  It’s really important to keep in mind though, you need to balance out the bad and the good because there is nothing worse than getting off the cruise ship feeling sluggish, overweight or even sick.  Having said all that, here are a few tips for staying healthy while cruising.

1.  Drink lots of water

Avoid the sugary drinks.  This is actually quite easily done if you don’t buy the drink package.  This limits your drinks to some juice choices, coffee, tea and water.  I personally love the selection of tea on the cruise ship and usually have a coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and drink water the rest of the time.

2.  Watch the booze

Try to be selective in how much you drink and how often.  This can be difficult with all the wonderful drinks on board (BBC anyone?) but you really don’t want to be hungover in the morning, and most beers and drinks have more calories than you really want to consume in a day.

3.  Eat healthy…for the majority of the time

As I said in the intro, cruising is for fun and the food is glorious!  Just keep an eye out and if you splurge on breakfast or for snack make healthy choices for dinner.  On cruise ships you eat often and a lot, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Eat at your normal times and at least half the time make healthy choices.  Also be prepared if you find out the cruise ship only has the sweet shops open at certain times, grab an extra apple or banana at breakfast so you a healthy option as well.

4.  Sanitize

There is a reason that there are hand sanitizers everywhere on a cruise ship!  Use them to make sure you are not picking up any germs from the person in front of you.  Also wash your hands often if you touch the hand rails in the staircases or after you have gone ashore.

5.  Stay Active

Lazing by the pool all day and then gorging on delicious food at night might be your ideal vacation but make sure you are squeezing in active time as well.  This could be something as simple as always taking the stairs, or walking briskly around the track for 30 minutes.  There are also classes offered at the gym if yoga is more your speed.  Either way 30 minutes isn’t taking much time out of your vacation and your body and clothes will thank you at the end of the cruise.


6.  Get some shut eye

While it’s super tempting to hang out at all the cool bars onboard till 3 am then get up at 7 am so you can be the first ashore, try to resist the urge.  Sleep is very important, because if your body gets too run down you can get sick easier.  Try to get at least 7 hours sleep a night.  For some people, me included, this would be closer to 9 hours a night.


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