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What to pack for a Spring time trip to Charleston, South Carolina


You have seen the pictures of the cobblestone streets and brightly colored houses and you are counting down the days till you can see them in person.  This was me.   I love that Charleston is full of history and beauty and of course throw in the beaches and this is a perfect spring destination.

After checking the weather, it says it will be a 78 degrees.  Beautiful weather.  Not to hot and not too cold…or so you think.  This was me again.  We wore jeans and tee shirts to Charleston and not only came back sunburned and sore from walking, but we also decided our 78 was a LOT different from their 78!

If you are planning a spring time trip to Charleston and have no idea what to pack, I have put together this quick guide to help you!  If you have been to Charleston before and have more tips, leave them in the comments below.


What clothes to pack for spring

  • Lightweight breathable clothes are your best option.  These layer easily for the cooler mornings and then you take off layers in the heat of the day.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.  This is definitely a walking city with a tons of Instagram worthy spots.  Make sure you footwear is up to the task of taking on all the walking.  Also please note there are quite a few cobblestone streets which means uneven roads that skinnier heels can get caught in.
  • Sunglasses and wide brim hats.  The sun is beautiful and brutal.  Sun gear is important.  This includes sunscreen!
  • Rain gear.  Spring showers bring May flowers.  Yep it rain in the Spring in Charleston too.  Be ready for it.
  • Day bag big enough to hold at least one water bottle and essentials needed for the day.  It does get hot and having a water bottle is a necessity so make sure your bag is big enough to hold at least one.


Essentials for any travel

  • Reusable water bottle  Having one that keeps your water cold for a long period of time is helpful, especially in the heat.  Bonus, this helps the environment!
  • Cosmetics with sunscreen.  I use the IT Cosmestics CC Cream and this has an SPF 50.  I highly recommend using cosmetics with an SPF in it for added protection.
  • Compact micro fiber towel  This is great to have in your day bag for a quick dip in the numerous fountains in Charleston or heading to the beach.  These are also great for throwing on the grass when you want to sit down but don’t want to get your clothes dirty.
  • Camera…bring your camera.  This city is beautiful and believe it or not I have placed my camera bag by the door and walked out without it quite a few times (including on our recent cruise) and have had to use my cellphone for all pictures.  Double and triple check you have your batteries, chargers and accessories.  You will want them!!


  1. Spring weather can get pretty unpredictable in most places, checking the weather forecast a week upfront,for example,also helps to know what to pack,anyways your tips are very helpful. I’ve tried recently packing cubes and wrote my first impressions of it in a post, how do you pack your stuff usually? Love the pics btw,such a great town!:)

    1. I have honestly never tried packing cubes. We usually travel with an oversized purse and a camera bag or a Cabin Zero 28 liter backpack (I think that’s the right size!) and I haven’t found packing cubes small enough for those. We pack super light then if we need more buy it when we get there. I will check out your review on the packing cubes because in April we are heading the Azores and are taking an actual luggage!

      1. I think in Amazon you can find all kind of sizes for those, the set I got has few small ones,and I used all for my hand luggage suitcase, our goal is to manage two weeks in Japan on June with just hand luggage each. Atm collecting tips from here and there to perfect it hehe

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