Motorhome Remodel Update

Yep, 50 degrees yesterday and freak snow storm today with the high of 60 this weekend!

It’s been a little over a month since I excitedly told you guys that we bought a motorhome that we know nothing about, so I decided it’s time for an update on how “Big Bertha” is coming along.  Keep in mind we did have two trips in February, one to Iceland and one to Charleston, SC, so we have been working on her off and on for only about a month.

The Exterior

Starting with the roof, we decided we needed to put a sealant up there just in case, so we proceeded to scrape off the old sealant.  In between the scraping, we put a tarp over her because in February it pretty much rained everyday.  Well, one particularly bad storm came through and (we still don’t know how it happened) blew off the tarp causing the insides to flood. As soon as we could we put a coat of Flex Seal on the top to make sure this didn’t happen again.  To be safe after 24 hours we added another coat of Flex Seal and that solved the roof leaks!  You would think the water issues would end here, at least we did, but it didn’t.  As we were ripping down the panel wall inside the motorhome, we literally found pockets of water between the panel and the wall under the windows.  Since the Flex Seal worked so well on the roof, we found it in a caulk gun form and guess what?  We used it around the outside of the windows too.  This is not sponsored, by the way, but this stuff is fantastic for everything to do with leaks and RV’s!


The copper elbow that makes up the corners, is the part we replaced.


We have also replaced some stuff that has to do with the water running through the motorhome (real technical, I know but we just see a leak and replace the part, not really looking at the name of it).  We did find out the awning does have a rip, however…you guess it… we found Flex Seal in a spray can form and sprayed the rip and the few minor holes, and we now have a working awning.  I am guessing you are not supposed to use it for all the stuff we have used it for, but really, really Flex Seal is a must for Big Bertha.

The Interior

This has the most visible improvements.  We have taken out all the furniture and some of the cabinets in the living and kitchen space, and have put up new paneling in the bedroom and started painting the cabinets.  The bedroom area, while not exactly pretty, has allowed us to offer a bed and a quiet place to houseguest.  The fridge has been cleaned out, and we started using this for hiding food and drinks from the kids so we actually get a soda occasionally.


We are hoping by the end of April, even with our week long trip to the Azores, we can get Big Bertha ready for some summertime road trips.  I know the picture below looks bad, but it’s actually not.  We should be able to reach our goal, fingers crossed!





  1. Big Bertha is looking great! I sure am happy with our 24ft Icon. Traveling with a husband and a cat make this size just big enough for comfort and mobile enough for frequent moves.

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