8 Amazing things to see and do in Angra do Heroismo

Historical buildings, colorful houses, charming restaurants and quaint cafes makes walking through Angra do Heroísmo a unique experience.  This has been a UNESCO World Heritage city since 1983, and has quite a lot to offer, although I will admit if you are planning a trip here in the near future get used to walking stairs and LOTS of them.

I highly recommend a trip to this beautiful city if you are visiting the island of Terceira, and I have put together a list of the most amazing things to see and do in the city to help you along whether you are staying on Terceira for a week or just planning a day trip from another island.  This list can be done in one day…but I will warn you this will have your legs burning the next day!



1. Igreja da Misericórdia / Church of Misericórdia

This beautiful blue church, located near the pier, has recently been restored in the last 20 years due to the 1980 earthquake damage.  The two bell towers and archway entrance make for a stunning architectural exterior, however the inside is truly a thing a beauty.  The church does ask for a 1,50 € donation for pictures and the tour and history of the church, however it really is worth it.  There are other churches/convents/cathedral/Bishop’s Palace to visit as well and if you have time I recommend visiting them all.


2.  Marina

When you are finished visiting the above church, walk across the plaza and down the stairs to the marina.  The marina has a popular walk that runs the length of it, where you can get great shots of the city, and check out all the artwork from the sailors that have visited.


3.  Jardim Público / Garden

This garden is HUGE and in the middle of the city.  Located close to the museum and town hall, this is a perfect place to enjoy the flowers, have a picnic or try out one of the only vegan restaurants on the island.  We did stop there and try out the food, and while I don’t normally eat vegan food, I must say the coconut chocolate pie cake thing was AWESOME!


4.  Câmara Municipal / Town Hall

Speaking of the town hall, this is a beautiful Instagram worthy building in the middle of the city that you can’t help but love.  There are benches lining the square in front of the town hall and this is where the locals gather to talk and hangout.


5.  Obelisco da Memória 

At the very back of the garden, this memorial is located.  To get there is a hike…a beautiful hike, but a hike nonetheless.  When you have walked up a ton of stairs and your legs are burning and you just reach the fountain…you are not even halfway there.  Keep going, it’s worth it.

6.  Mercado / Market

Definitely make this stop if you are staying for a few days, this is the place to get anything you want and the people are very fair.  If you pick up something not fresh, they will tell you and offer you something fresher.


7.  Convento de S. Fancisco (Museu) / Convent of S. Francisco (Museum)

This convent is currently functioning as the Museum of Angra do Heroísma.  This is the place to go to learn the history of the island and it’s also free on Sundays.  Every other day of the week it’s 2€ a person.

8.  Monumento ao touro / Monumento to the Bull

This one is easy to see as it’s on a main road going into town and is located on a roundabout so it’s easy to drive around and see.  Bulls and cows play an important role in the history of the island which you can learn about from the museum of from the church tour.






    1. It is truly a beautiful, old city and definitely worth a trip if you are near the Azores!

  1. This sounds like a beautiful place to visit and there is so much to do there! I think I will have to start walking more and do a lot more cardio before I visit.

  2. Angra do Heroísmo looks like such an incredible place! The architecture is just stunning, and I love the colours of the buildings there. It looks magical!

  3. There definitely looks like a lot of great things to do here. The architecture alone makes any visit more than worth the trip, absolutely stunning.

    1. The city is just beautiful and there really is so much to do in Angra! Worth a trip if you are ever near the Azores!

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