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April Favorites

This is going to be a fun review of my month and a way to share with you things I just can’t share with you guys anywhere else on my blog.

The Highlight Reel

Welcome to a quick run down of my month!  For our travels, we headed off to the beautiful island of Terceira which is in the Azores.  The common question I got both before and after our trip there was “where exactly are those islands located?” because so few people have heard of them.  If you are one of those people, the Azores are located between Portugal and the U.S.  We also ended up staying a night in Boston, completely unplanned as our flight was delayed 19 hours.  Tent camping has returned!  We busted out our tent camping equipment and headed to the lake for a weekend and let me tell you, there is something so peaceful about watching the sunrise over the water with campfire made coffee.


Made the best of our delayed flight by heading to Salem for the day.


I have found yet another source of income this month!  For those of you who don’t know, I work on my blog full time, but have been working on diversifying my income.  In February, I started walking dogs part time and believe it or not this is actually pretty lucrative work when it’s cold outside and people don’t want to leave the warmth to walk their dogs.  This month, I picked up transcriptionist work.  I found a company that allows people to work with no experience, so I jumped on that and have been enjoying the extra income!

During this month, I did fall behind one week while we were traveling Terceira with my blog posts, but since we have been back, I have been working hard to get all post done way before their scheduled time to stay on top of everything.  I am going to try to get a bulk batch written this week as May is a busy month with my birthday, anniversary and Mother’s Day.

And now onto the favorites for the month!  Some are travel related and some aren’t, this is just everything combined!  Let me know in the comments what you have been enjoying, especially books because I am always looking for a good read!


Favorite Place

This one was so easy to choose this month!  Cinco Ribeiras on Terceira island definitely won by a landslide!  We visited this place at sunset, in the morning, and in the afternoon on different days, and it was just peaceful and beautiful.  I could spend a whole day sitting on the rocks listening to the waves, and when we head back to Terceira this will be the first place we go.  If you make it to Terceira (it’s not the most popular island in the Azores), I highly recommend heading to Cinco Ribeiras.  It’s not crowded, in fact two out of the three times we went we were the only people there.


Favorite Photo Taken

This is easily my favorite photo.  This is of Ilhéus das Cabras taken from Mount Brasil on Terceira island.  I made this photo my screensaver and I am sure you can see why it’s a favorite.

Favorite Equipment

Drew and I broke down and finally bought a 7 person tent.  We got the Coleman Namakan Fast Pitch Tent, which has a little annex to store our stuff so it doesn’t take up sleeping room.  Now you might be wondering why in the world Drew and I need a 7 person tent when our kids have their own tents.  You see we have three dogs.  Three rather large dogs (Great Dane mix, pit mix, and Australian Shepard mix) that were sleeping in our 4 person tent with us, so things were a little crowded.  Anyway, this tent is fantastic, roomy and it really is a fast pitch even for me!





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