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8 Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love to travel

Do you have a mom that is all about travelling?  Is it hard to keep track of her comings and goings because she is always heading off to some place new?  Giving and receiving gifts is awesome on any occasion and Mother’s Day is no exception!  I have put together a list of presents for almost every type of mom, that doesn’t add a lot of bulk or weight the backpack or carry on your mom is toting with her on her travels.

Camper/Hiker Mom
1. Waterproof Solar Charger

Keeping electronics charged while you are in the great outdoors is definitely difficult.  This gift is perfect for the mom that wants to stay connected while enjoying the sunshine in the middle of nowhere.  Being waterproof has it’s perks for the not so nice weather, and this charger is also able to charge up that GoPro so your mom is able to take plenty of video of all her adventures.

2. Paracord Bracelet

Ahhh, the beautiful emergency gear.  Not really most emergency gear doesn’t look the greatest, but it’s needed for, well those emergencies.  These paracord bracelets provide a whistle, fire starter and emergency knife in a sleek design.  Best of all, it comes in a two pack.

3. Garmin Handheld GPS

If your mom is one that really likes to hit the trails and get out there and discover new places, a handheld GPS is a good idea for her.  This particular one can withstand almost anything, including being dropped, and won’t let your mom stay lost too long…unless that’s what she wants to do!



Dog Lover

4. Collapsible Foldable Dog Bowl

Any dog lover knows during the hot summer months, having a bowl of water at the ready for your fur legged friend is a must.  These are small enough to clip onto your carry on luggage, backpack or even your keychain and will make sure your mom’s four legged friend always has an easy way to get a drink without having to drink from a muddy puddle.



Stylish Mom

5. Waterproof Makeup Bag

The stylish mom always has her makeup with her whether she is tent camping out in the middle of nowhere or jet setting off to Iceland.  This stylish makeup bag is easy to carry into a campgrounds bathroom and is foldable and easily cleaned washable.

6. Sleek Document Organizer

This simplistically beautiful document holder has space for boarding passes, passports, credit cards and more.  Slim and trim and matches with almost any purse or carry on, this will help your stylish mom keep everything together while waiting to board the plane.



Creative Mom

7. Embossed Travel Journal

Give you mom a beautiful journal she can write down all of her travel stories in, so when she comes home she can tell you all about them without forgetting the important details.  This travel journal is refillable and has no lines for those who prefer drawing or just thinking outside the lines.

8. Scratch off World Map

This map isn’t the typical black scratch off world map that darkens a room décor.  This map is beautiful both before and after scratching off locations.  More pale colors than bright, this makes a great addition to any room, and it’s pretty big too.


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