21 of the BEST things visitors can do on the island of Terceira

Picture perfect lava rocks with beautiful blue water crashing against them, city life without the crowds and stunning views around every bend. It’s no wonder the island of Terceira is becoming more and more popular. If you are one of the thousands heading to this beautiful island in the Azores archipelago, I have put together a list to help you make the most of your holiday! Here are 21 of the BEST things to do on this gorgeous island!


1. Head to O Pirata Gastropub in Angra do Heroismo in the afternoon and sit on the patio for a stunning views of Ilheus das Cabras and the port. While you are there enjoy some out of this world food that will keep you full till morning.

2. Hike up to the monument on the top of Mount Brasil for picturesque views and to work off the huge lunch you just ate at O Pirata.


3. Watching the sunset at Ponta das Cinco in Cinco Ribeiras. During sunset this place isn’t crowded at all, but has the perfect viewpoint for that ocean sunset.

4. Grab a cheese sandwich (or two or six!) from Queijo Vaquinha. This little cheese shop is a little off the beaten path but definitely worth it! Grab a beer while you are there for 1€!

5. Take a stroll through the public garden in Angra do Heroismo. The shade is definitely appreciated on warmer afternoons, and the flowers are gorgeous to wander through.

6. Take a walk down history lane in the Angra do Heroismo history museum which once was the Convent of S. Francisco. This museum has the history of how the island’s famous running with the bulls got started along with other fascinating historical facts.


7. Take a drive to Serra do Cume for that Instagram picture. This is the place everyone goes for the iconic photo of Terceira. Make sure you drive, because if you take a bus it will be too crowded for those really good pictures.

8. Take a swim in the beautiful lava pools at Ponta dos Biscoitos. The lava pools have something for everyone. For more information about these beautiful pools, head over to my post.

9. Take a moment to two to relax and get an Azorean hot stone couples massage at Mythos Wellness. This spa is located inside Hotel do Caracol and provides excellent service!

10. Get up early and go on a whale watching tour. While it’s not guaranteed you will get to see whales, it’s a great way to get a different viewpoint of the island and also to see other marine animals like dolphins!


11. Go on a walking tour of Angra do Heroismo. There are tour companies that offer walking tours, however I suggest just grabbing a map and finding the interesting spots yourself. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a lot to offer in the way of beautiful buildings and unique sights.

12. Walk inside a lava tube and experience nature’s creation at Gruta do Natal otherwise known as the Christmas Cave. Learn about different types of lava flows, and other geological structures as you walk through the cave. There is an easy walk and a walk that is for the “experienced” person.


13. Head to the beautiful beaches of Praia da Vitoria and lay out in the sun. These beaches tend to be more crowded in the summer, but in the off season the beaches are empty.


14. Take a walk down the stairs at the Santa Barbara picnic area. These stairs are jagged and torn but they lead down to a beautiful view of the lava rocks by the ocean. This is a place no one really goes to because the stairs are falling apart, but if you are feeling brave, the view is worth it! Side note I would not recommend taking kids here.

15. Check out a volcanic phenomena at Furnas do Enxofre. You can see the steam coming out of the ground along with brightly colored plants that grow around the area.

16. Take a boat tour of Ilheus das Cabras and learn about geology, history and marine wildlife, while getting gorgeous offshore views of Terceira and Ilheus das Cabras.


17. Get that other famous Instagram picture while getting your cardio in at Algar do Carvao. This is a volcanic chimney that you can walk down into via stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. You will get your pictures and they will be awesome, but you will be winded afterwards!

18. Try some local wine at Terceira’s Wine Museum and tour the facilities to learn more about growing the grapes on Terceira and the use of volcanic rock in the process.

19. Take a horseback riding tour along the Atlantic coastline on an off-road trail where you will get to experience the natural beauty of Terceira up close.

20. Take an archaeological boat tour on a glass bottom boat through the first Portuguese underwater park to see sunken artifacts.


21. Enjoy a picnic in the quiet interior of the island at Lagoa das Patas. People tend to hurry right past these hidden gems while trying to get to the more popular areas. Stop for a picnic, you won’t regret it.


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