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5 Reasons we are choosing tent camping over hotel rooms


When we first started talking about our three week epic road trip across the United States and into Canada, we were a little worried about more than a few things. The first was of course our three dogs, the next was spending as much time outdoors as possible doing the things we love, like hiking. Considering we have traveled many different ways, we are well versed in the choices we had for this trip. It all came down to what we really wanted and to achieve that goal, we decided to go for tent camping. Is three weeks of sleeping in a tent going to have it’s challenges? Oh yeah. But we decided it’s best for us for these reasons.

Being close to nature

Tent camping allows for a very unique experience. We constantly hear nature and wildlife. We are constantly immersed in nature and that is something that is near and dear to my husband and I. There is only a thin piece of fabric separating us and nature. This is something we wanted for our road trip. Waking up to birds chirping and watching the sunrise over that morning cup of coffee you made over a fire is the perfect way to start a relaxing day.

It’s inexpensive

We already have the vehicle we are driving and the tents so the only real cost is gas and the campsite. However those costs will be reduced as we are driving a smaller vehicle (not an RV) and we are utilizing free campsites, so this is truly the most inexpensive way for us to take a road trip. Now this doesn’t mean we won’t stop at state or national parks and camp inside them, it just means we have free options as well.


This is the another main reason we chose tent camping. With hotels you have to book in advance, and if you change your mind and want to stay longer or not at all…well you can’t. Since we are mostly utilizing free campsites, we can stay up to 5 days straight at most places (which doesn’t seem like a lot but we are only doing a 3 week road trip). Not to mention if we decide an area isn’t for us we can skip over it and not worry about cancelation fees. This is incredibly important as we haven’t exactly figured out where exactly we are going.

Essentials are available all the time

Everything we need is at our fingertips. All of our cooking, clothing and sleeping gear is right in our car. Getting hungry? We can stop and cook us lunch on our stove. Want to swim in that lake or ocean? Swimsuit is right there, no need to head back to your hotel room. This saves time and money and is very convenient.


Space to sprawl out

With three dogs, space is a luxury my husband and I don’t have. We bought a 7 person tent recently and have found that it is perfect for us and the dogs. There is room enough for two chairs, the dog beds and a queen mattress making rainy days or nights a lot more comfortable. Now that is just talking about the indoor situation, because outdoors there is limitless space for us to sprawl out and not be on top of each other. If you have ever traveled with your pets or another person you know space is not only a perk but a necessity.

These are the reasons we have chosen tent camping for our three week road trip. Would you consider staying in a tent that long? Let me know!


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