7 Clever ways to avoid seasickness


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When picturing our family cruise, a scene that did not come to mind was my four kids sitting around the dinner table looking green and holding their stomachs saying they weren’t hungry and could they go back to bed.  Kids get seasickness?  Yes actually they can get it, anyone really can get it.  However this scene is rarely every found in the brochures showing family pictures.  Because I worked on a cruiseship, I knew and was prepared for the kids and even Drew to have a few moments of nauseousness, but they weren’t prepared.

The following tips have come from a few less than pretty situations along with tricks I picked up while working on a cruiseship over ten years ago.  While some of them have been splashed over the internet for years, some of them like the morning sickness lollipops are quite unique at least I like to think so!


Choose your cabin wisely

This is first and foremost!  Being prepared starts before you book your cruise.  Make sure your cabin is midship and as close to the waterline as possible as these cabins have less movement.  If this is not an option for you, get a balcony.  Balconies make getting fresh air easier anytime you need it.

Breathe fresh air

This leads me to the importance of fresh air.  If you are feeling nauseous on the cruise ship head outside and look at the horizon and breathe fresh air.  Also if you are feeling sick on an excursion avoid indoor spaces.

Don’t forget the seasickness meds

Before you even step foot on the cruiseship, take a seasickness pill or apply a patch.  The ship almost always starts out in smooth water, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way.  Be prepared and let your body get used to the motion without worrying the first night.  The next morning you can gage how well you will do and maybe even take a preemptive pill before you get out of bed.  The pill will wear off, they don’t last forever, but it does help you get out of the cabin and out into the fresh air quicker if you are not throwing up.

Find something with ginger

If pills aren’t your thing, stop by a Motherhood Maternity store and grab some morning sickness lollipops.  These usually have natural ingredients that calm upset stomachs.  Carry the lollipops (or candies or whatever you find with ginger) in your pocket, so you have something with you just in case.

Look towards the distance

For those of you who do not know what this means, it means find a stable object in the distance (like the horizon) and focus on it.  This helps your body feel more stable even if you are not.

Limit your alcohol intake

Cruises are for letting loose and relaxing, however if you are suffering from motion sickness, dehydration and vertigo are not fun.  Too much alcohol can cause these, so keep an eye on those drinks!

Plan for the worse, but enjoy the best

This simply means if you really think seasickness is going to be an issue for you or anyone in your party, look for a different type of cruise, like a river cruise.  River cruises are smaller, stay closer to shore, and have less waves and movement all around.





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