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Planning a trip to Terceira, but unsure where to stay?  We spent a week on this beautiful island basing ourselves outside of Angra do Heroísmo and loved every moment of it.  Read my review of the hotel and find out why this is a great place to stay.


Hotel do Caracol is located on the island of Terceira which is part of the Azores archipelago.  Getting to the hotel from the airport is relatively easy as most taxi drivers at the airport know exactly where the hotel is located.  The drive will take a while, around 30ish minutes depending on the driver, so sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

The hotel can be found on the outskirts of Angra do Heroísmo and while it boasts stunning views of the ocean, lava rocks and Monte Brasil, the hotel does not have beach access.  Never fear, however there is a small beach area right out the front door of the hotel that is quite literally a three minute walk.  Warning though, this beach has quite a few stairs down and back up, but that goes for just about everywhere on Terceira.  This is a great way to burn on that buffet breakfast!

The location of the hotel gives you easy access to shopping, and dining by walking into town.  The town is about a 15 minute walk depending on where you are heading, but if walking is not your thing there is a bus stop nearby as well.  This is really a great hotel for those who want to relax on vacation and be close to the “action” but not too close.



This hotel is not small by any means, but it’s also not huge.  I like to think of it as small enough to be personable but big enough that you don’t need to worry about bumping into people in the elevator.

There are different views offered at different prices, and we had a garden view room while we were there.  It had enough room you could move around, however definitely not overly big with wasted space.  There was a comfy chair by the patio, which I appreciate as it gives you somewhere else to sit besides the bed, a desk and a decent sized shower.  I will say the half shower doors do take some getting used to, but that is my issue, definitely not the hotel’s!

Garden View room
The room was definitely modern with a homey feel and I really enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere.  The one thing I would change, is the room had a “double” bed which is literally two twin beds pushed together, however that is normal for most hotels I stay in so again that’s a me thing, not the hotel’s!  All around a super comfortable!

Food and Fun

On-site there is a daily breakfast buffet.  I would definitely recommend getting there early as this hotel is popular with the tour groups and the “good” tables with the stunning sunrise view will be taken very quickly.  The breakfast buffet has a wide range of food, something for everyone so you don’t have to worry about walking away hungry!

The dinner buffet is 21€ for guests and every night we stayed we also received a 10 percent off voucher from our cleaning crew.  While the spread looked amazing, normally Drew and I would walk across the street to a little cafe and grab a bite from there, then go next door to the cafe and grab some drinks to take back to our room from the small grocery store.  However if neither of those is up your alley, ask the front desk!  They can point you in the direction of great food anytime of day.

The pool available is on the smaller side and more of a soaking and relaxing pool, not necessarily the best for swimming laps, but the view is absolutely stunning with the waves crashing over the lava rocks.

The hotel also has the Mythos Wellness Spa which is an awesome place to grab a stone massage to further relax on your stay.  Ask the front desk and they will direct you up the stairs to the wonderful world of massages!

Sunrise view from the hotel’s tower in the garden


One of the best things about the hotel (besides pretty much EVERYTHING), is the staff.  They were helpful when we missed our tour, when we needed directions, when we wanted extra pillows, just every time we talked to the hospitality staff, they were nothing but kind and caring.

This is the type of hotel you don’t want to leave, quite literally.  Drew and I were at the airport waiting on our flight home and I was stilling trying to convince him I needed an extra week or two on the island at the hotel!  We will be heading back to the island soon and this is the only hotel I want to stay at.






  1. Very informative post, and I guess you had a blast in Angra do Heroísmo. It is a city full of history some of it I am grateful to be studying (the musical one). Sometimes people don’t understand how things work in the Azores, or let me rephrase, how things don’t work. People who are visiting cannot expect to find there what they have in the big city or the artifical “plastic” entertainment of the big holiday resorts. That simple won’t work there. Glad you enjoyed it and blogged good thoughts about it.
    all best,

    1. I loved it! My husband and I are actually planning on moving there once the kids move away. Such a wonderful place!

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