Trish's Table Week in Review

June Favorites

This is going to be a fun look at what I did this month, so I can share with you things that I just can’t share with you guys anywhere else on my blog.

The Highlight Reel

Welcome to a quick rundown of my month!  For our travels this month, we spent time exploring both the east and west side of North Carolina.  We headed to the Outer Banks for a weekend trip so we could drive the scenic byway, and see the Wright Brothers National Memorial.  Then the following weekend headed to Stone Mountain State Park and Lake James State Park in the western part of this beautiful state.

With most of our kids gone for the summer, Drew and I have been focused solely on growing our businesses this past month and it has definitely paid off in interesting ways.  I have gotten quite a few more dog clients, almost to the point that my transcribing has gone by the wayside.  Being incredibly busy elsewhere has almost put my blog at a stand still, but I am not too worried because we are taking off on our wonderful tent camping adventure and I have so many articles planned for this portion of the summer.  I mean who doesn’t love sleeping under the stars in the summer?

And now onto the favorites for the month!  Some are travel related and some aren’t, this is just everything combined.


Favorite Place

Stone Mountain stole my heart this month.  With a unique mountain and waterfalls, this was just a perfect place I am really wanting to visit again.  We went on a Thursday and pretty much had the campground and mountain to ourselves.  I highly recommend it if you are in the north west part of North Carolina.


Favorite Photo Taken

This photo is taken along the Outer Banks scenic byway.  We stopped at a parking area right off the road and walked back to this perfect North Carolina beach that was completely empty on Father’s Day weekend.

Favorite Equipment

Lightroom.  Oh my word definitely Lightroom.  I recently watched a video on how to edit photos, which up till know I did not do.  Wow was I missing the good stuff!  Just using dehaze makes all the difference in the world in the outdoor photos!

Favorite Quote

“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” – Benjamin Franklin.  This speaks for itself, but really resonated with me this month so I thought I would share.

Favorite Book

I am working on rereading The Century Trilogy by Ken Follett and the first one in the series Fall of Giants has been my constant companion all month.  And before you comment on my reading the same book all month let me just tell you the book is almost 1000 pages so it will take my a while to get through.  I love this series and have all the books, so these will probably be gracing my favorites list again in the near future.  If you are into books that go in depth into history but is fiction, these are definitely something you would probably enjoy as well.




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