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Mini review – Free Campsite Daniel Boone National Forest Turkey Foot campground


Welcome to mini review Monday!  Today’s mini review is for a free campsite in the Daniel Boone National Forest which is located towards the middle of Kentucky.  This campground offers hiking, fishing, swimming (in the creek), and places to go four wheeling.  Vault toilets are also provided, however bringing your own bathroom tissue is strongly advised.


GPS: 37.466717.-83.915375

Water: No drinking water available

Stay Limit: None posted however the stay limit for National Forests are usually 14 days

RV Appropriate: No

Trash Receptacles: No – Pack out ALL trash

Cell Reception: None



  • First of all these campsites are HUGE!  We easily fit our 7 person tent and our 4 person tent in the campsite with room to spare.  So spread out and get comfortable…there’s plenty of room for it.
  • This place has a GORGEOUS creek running through the area that have areas for swimming, wading, exploring and anything else you want to try.  The water is almost blue as you can see in the photo at the top of this post and clear so you can see everywhere you are stepping.
  • Secluded…meaning in the middle of nowhere with a decent amount of space between you and the next campsite.
  • Plenty of outdoor activities.  Besides sleeping under the stars, there is hiking trails near by, fishing and four wheeling trails.
  • Vault toilets that are somewhat clean.  Yes this is considered a pro.  We have camped at places that I refuse to use the toilets because they were just that unsanitary…however these were not bad.
  • Quite a few campsites.  This has at least 9 campsites that I counted so there is plenty of room for everyone.  When we stayed, it was considered “crowded” by the local standards however there were still at least 3 empty sites.
  • Picnic table and fire ring provided for each campsite.  Needless to say this always makes the camping experience more enjoyable.



  • Let’s talk about the road leading into the camping area.  First of all there is this bridge that you see above.  If it has rained recently, the bridge will be flooded.  As you can see water already flows OVER the bridge, just be safe and heed the warning signs on the way in.  Next the road is gravel…with lots of potholes.  We drove a Ford Expedition on it and had little problems, however smaller vehicles or trailers might have some issues.
  • Campsite placement is also high on this list.  There is a beautiful stream within walking distance from the campsites and you can hear the stream at night, however the area closest to the stream is for day use only, no camping allowed.
  • No drinking water.  We have been to some free camping sites that have drinking water, however this is not one of them.
  • Trash left behind.  Please pack out all your trash, as trash receptacles aren’t provided.  We got in late at night and set up camp.  I walked out of the tent in the morning to see that our campsite was covered with cigarette butts, and beer cans.  We cleaned up the area for the next person, but please be considerate and just know the person before you probably wasn’t.



So would we stay here again?  Absolutely!!  In fact we discussed heading back without the kids for a weekend away from it all.  We just need to remember to bring more water and an extra trash bag or two for the trash that was left behind, but it honestly is currently one of my favorite free campsites we have found.  If you would like to see my review of the campsite on YouTube, click here.







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