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Mini review – Free Campsite Jefferson National Forest – The Pines Campground


Welcome back to mini review Monday! Today’s mini review is for a free campsite in the Jefferson National Forest which is located in Virginia. This campground offers hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing and jeep trails nearby. Being very secluded, the nearest store is quite a hike so make sure you come prepared.


GPS: 37.605,-80.075829

Water: Drinking water is available

Stay limit: 21 days posted at campsite however website says 14 days

RV Appropriate: YES small ones

Trash Receptacles: YES

Cell Reception: None

Open Season: April 1 – December 7



  • Double campsites are available. There are 3 double campsites available at this campground making camping here with more than one tent, or with a small RV a very pleasant experience.
  • Enough campsites to go around. There are 7 single sites and 3 double sites along with an awesome picnic area.
  • Space, lots and lots of space. Does this mean you won’t see the other people? No, but it does mean it’s a lot quieter at night, especially if you do one of the two double campsites located down a small hill from the rest. We never heard anyone else, and the only time we saw other people is when we walked through the campground and as cars were leaving (our campsite was right by the exit).
  • Paved roads. All roads leading into the campground were paved.
  • More than one vault toilet provided. There is one at the bottom of the hill for the double campsites and the picnic area and one at the top of the hill for the single sites. The one at the bottom by us was not usable in my opinion, however I heard the ones at the top were nicer.
  • Plenty to do, or nothing to do. You pick. This campground has lots to do to keep kids entertained for hours, however there is also nothing to do if you need a moment to sit back relax and enjoy nature.



  • As previously mentioned this campground isn’t really close to any stores so come prepared and know if you forget anything, it’s going to take awhile to get it.
  • The vault toilets leave a lot to be desired. They do have two sets of toilets which is awesome, but they could use some (ok a lot) of help
  • Bugs! Now, before you say it’s nature there is always bugs, let me just say we tent camp a lot. We are about 96% of the time tent camping in woods, so we are used to bugs. Having said that, this was nats (small ant size flying bugs). They were so bad we couldn’t even have a conversation during the day because they were swarming around us and would get into our mouths. Surprisingly, the mosquitoes and every other NORMAL forest bug was at a minimum, and if you walked out of the campground to the creek area or trails, there weren’t any nats.
Water available however it was shut down when we were there.


So would we stay here again? Yes ish. The scenery was gorgeous and the seclusion was very welcomed in our case, however the bugs made it uncomfortable for us. So we would definitely stay here again…in the colder months.


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