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Tent Camping 101 for the Prissies and the Sissies – Showers

If the title of this made you shudder…don’t worry, you are not alone.  I still shudder thinking about the shower houses in some campgrounds, but there are ways to still get clean and not be completely grossed out. The first thing I will say is, if it’s your first time using a shower house, sometimes a little liquid courage is

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Funny Friday – Travel Stories

Starting today and every Friday going forward, I am going to share with you guys and gals some of my funny travel stories.  A lot of these stories can also be called “dumb blonde” moments but they mostly happened while traveling, and that is how the idea was born. This first one happened when I first moved to Hawaii almost

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Websites to help save you money on your travels

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, ‘you are so lucky you can afford to travel so much’ I would be rich by now.  The thing is you don’t need a huge bank account to travel.  In fact I don’t think even a medium size bank account is required.  Using the right tools you can

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Tent Camping 101 for the Prissies and the Sissies – Sleeping

I addressed the most important concern for any prissy tent camper here in my post on avoiding bugs, now we can delve into the second most important topic for any prissy or sissy that is going tent camping….sleeping on the ground.  Wow, how does someone who sleeps with feather pillows and an extra soft mattress pad, sleep on the ground?

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