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8 Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love to travel

Do you have a mom that is all about travelling?  Is it hard to keep track of her comings and goings because she is always heading off to some place new?  Giving and receiving gifts is awesome on any occasion and Mother’s Day is no exception!  I have put together a list of presents for almost every type of mom,

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6 Travel makeup essentials and tips on how to pack and use them

Drew and I do a lot of quick trips so I have had to find the best of the best when it comes to makeup.  I think our quickest was a 36 hour trip to Iceland, but quick trips are a way of life for us as Drew still works a full time job.  Packing for quick trips can be

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What to pack for a Spring time trip to Charleston, South Carolina

You have seen the pictures of the cobblestone streets and brightly colored houses and you are counting down the days till you can see them in person.  This was me.   I love that Charleston is full of history and beauty and of course throw in the beaches and this is a perfect spring destination. After checking the weather, it

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What to pack for a Springtime trip to Tuscany

Planning a springtime trip to Tuscany?  Whether you are visiting Florence, Lucca, Pisa or Montecatini Terme you are in for a wonderful time.  Tuscany is beautiful and has worked it’s way up to be one of my favorite places to visit.  I am in love with it’s amazing weather, beautiful architecture, delicious wine and gelato.  Oh the gelato.  Lots and

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Hostel vs Hotel

Let’s be honest for a moment, there are numerous types of accommodations you can chose from on your travels.  You can rent an AirBnB, stay in someone’s extra bedroom, rent an RV, hotel, and even hostels.  Your first thought might be aren’t hostels for backpackers?  Mine was.  The first time we stayed in a hostel during our trip to Ireland, we

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5 tips for the “Sneezey” side of travel

You have done everything right.  You packed the correct attire for your trip, taken your vitamins, drank plenty of water, exercised in the morning, and didn’t overindulge in the food or alcohol, yet you are still sick.  This happened to me in Ireland.  We went in the fall and had packed clothes to stay warm, and did all the above

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