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Hostel vs Hotel

Let’s be honest for a moment, there are numerous types of accommodations you can chose from on your travels.  You can rent an AirBnB, stay in someone’s extra bedroom, rent an RV, hotel, and even hostels.  Your first thought might be aren’t hostels for backpackers?  Mine was.  The first time we stayed in a hostel during our trip to Ireland, we

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5 tips for the “Sneezey” side of travel

You have done everything right.  You packed the correct attire for your trip, taken your vitamins, drank plenty of water, exercised in the morning, and didn’t overindulge in the food or alcohol, yet you are still sick.  This happened to me in Ireland.  We went in the fall and had packed clothes to stay warm, and did all the above

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No Car…No Problem – don’t let that stop you from seeing the Irish countryside

“Taking a road trip through the Irish countryside”, this was on my bucket list for years.  But what happens when the rental car company wants a 1k deposit?  This actually happened to Drew and I.  We booked our tickets to Ireland and immediately started researching rental car companies.  Not going into too much details about that here, but we couldn’t

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What travel means to me and goals for 2018

What is travel to you personally? Is it going to the next town over from you and getting dinner at a nice place?  Is it taking a tent and minimal supplies and heading into a forest to spend the night with nature?  How about taking a road trip to a predetermined destination and spending time there or is it heading

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ABC’s of Travel for 2017

Do a little dance for 2017 being almost done!  While it was a GREAT travel year, it definitely had some ups and downs.  We managed to do quite a bit of travelling in the U.S. as well as overseas.  Over the year I kept a list of the places we went and decided to put some of them in alphabetical

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5 More tourist mistakes you should try to avoid

I am back with five more tourist mistakes you should try to avoid.  If you missed the first five, you can read about it here.  The first one started out with a not so great story that happened to me while traveling in Italy.  This time I decided to start with a more recent story that happened while in Ireland.  It

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