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5 More tourist mistakes you should try to avoid

I am back with five more tourist mistakes you should try to avoid.  If you missed the first five, you can read about it here.  The first one started out with a not so great story that happened to me while traveling in Italy.  This time I decided to start with a more recent story that happened while in Ireland.  It

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5 Tourist mistakes you should try to avoid

Squatting over a hole in the ground that was labeled a toilet, holding myself up and looking around for toilet paper and not finding any.  Okay so sorry for the visual, but this happened to me, just this year at a train station in Italy.  Everyone makes mistakes and I really wish I would have read a list like this

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5 Survival tips for Long Car Rides with Kids

“Mom, I am bored.  Are we there yet?”  This caused my heart to sink and my head to spin.  My son had just said those dreaded words.  He had a tablet with a dozen apps, a DVD player with at least 10 movies to choose from and his Nintendo DS….how could he be bored?  “I am bored too, when are

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5 Things you will Hate about Travelling

Let me first say, I love travelling.  My ultimate goal is to travel full time, however till that is possible I travel whenever I can.  This is not to discourage anyone from travelling, this is more to inform you of some of the not so good parts of travelling since every Instagram post regarding travel is only rainbows and sunshine.

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