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6 Tips for staying healthy while cruising

For starters, let me just say cruise ships are for having fun and enjoying yourself.  So it’s really important you definitely do that.  If that means you want a cream cheese stuffed French toast smothered in syrup for breakfast, then go for it!  You are on a cruise ship and should definitely be living it up.  It’s really important to keep

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Norwegian Escape for a family cruise – Worth it?

I am going to be upfront with you, this is not going to be a raving review.  I have seen NCL receiving spectacular reviews lately and I recently (in December) took my family on the Norwegian Escape in hopes the reviews were accurate.  Before I go into the review let me just say, I have cruised with Royal Caribbean, Carnival,

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5 Things to Pack for a Family Cruise

  You have been on so many cruises that you are now a “platinum” member, and have decided it was time to bring the family along.  The kids are old enough to remember the trip and truth be told everyone could use a break from their electronics.  You book the cruise and tell the family and the first question everyone

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