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7 things that will surprise you about Iceland

The land of fire and ice. Literally.  It has recently risen to the top of almost everyone’s bucket list, including mine, due to the Northern Lights and the extreme and stunning landscapes.  Having said that there are a few things that will definitely surprise you about this beautiful country, at least it surprised me.  I wanted to put together a

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Saga Museum – Worth it?

Located down the waterfront road from the Oddsson, where we were staying, is the Saga Museum.  This small building contains the history of Iceland, which of course means Drew and I had to head in to take a look (and get warm).  We really do have a love affair with museums.  I hear travelers say meeting with the locals is

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10 Amazing things you should see and do in Iceland

Landing at Reykjavik, was like something out of a movie.  The plane easily gliding to a stop on what seemed to be one huge sheet of ice, and looking at the window and seeing nothing but snow and…well nothingness.  The white nothingness took my breath away, it was like nothing I had seen before.  We spent the next few days

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