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What to pack for a Springtime trip to Tuscany

Planning a springtime trip to Tuscany?  Whether you are visiting Florence, Lucca, Pisa or Montecatini Terme you are in for a wonderful time.  Tuscany is beautiful and has worked it’s way up to be one of my favorite places to visit.  I am in love with it’s amazing weather, beautiful architecture, delicious wine and gelato.  Oh the gelato.  Lots and

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The Wall of Lucca

We did not purposely stop by Lucca, we actually missed the train to Pisa and had two hours till the next train left.  With two hours to kill, we decided to walk over and at least see the walls that every blogger or vlogger talks about. Walking up to the walls, I could definitely see what the fuss is about.  They are

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A Walk Through Parma

We arrived in Parma exhausted from our flight and from fighting Milan’s 9 a.m. traffic.  We were lucky our hotel let us check in immediately and Drew and I flopped on the bed for a brief nap before I hauled him back out the door.  We only had half of a day in Parma and we were not going to waste it! Since

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6 Hours in Florence

We decided to head to Florence after our trip to Pisa, which if you haven’t read about that you can here, and we honestly weren’t expecting too much.  In fact, we even had an escape plan if it turned out to be like Pisa.  The escape plan wasn’t needed, but we felt better knowing we had one.  We took the train to Florence,

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Montecatini Alto and the funicular

We stayed in Montecatini Terme while we were in Italy, and when we checked into our hotel, we were told about the funicular that goes to Montecatini Alto.  The funicular station was literally a five minute walk from our hotel so we set out almost immediately for the hilltop. For adults, a roundtrip ticket is € 7,00 and the funicular runs every half hour

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