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Stone Mountain State Park – What to do at this little known gem in North Carolina

Located in the northwest part of North Carolina in Alleghany County, this state park’s central attraction is a granite dome.  Visitors to this huge park marvel at the 600 foot tall dome when they first lay eyes on it.  And while the dome is really impressive, this park contains something for every type of nature lover.  We just returned from

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Cardio and history at the Wright Brothers National Memorial

Have you ever been to the Wright Brothers Memorial? We visited the Outer Banks in North Carolina over the weekend, and being the history fanatics we are, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop there.  The National Park and monument showcase the land where the first official flight took place. Atop of Kill Devil Hill (a 90 foot sand

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Kerr Lake State Recreation Area

Kerr Lake is located about an hour north of Raleigh, and is where we recently decided to go for a camping excursion.  This 50,000 acre reservoir is located near the North Carolina/Virginia border and has quite a few campgrounds and a few activities to choose from like boating, swimming, picnicking, fishing and hiking.  I even saw a few canoes on

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North Carolina Museum of Art

Let me first say, I am not an “art” person.  I would rather go somewhere new than stare at a painting trying to see the beauty in something hanging on a wall.  Now having said that I did enjoy the North Carolina Museum of Art.  Please keep in mind, I have visited exactly zero art museums before I went to

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North Carolina Museum of History

I love museums.  The day we were scheduled to head to the North Carolina Museum of History, I was awake at sunrise asking Drew if we could leave yet.  Yep, I am that person.  We did have to find something else to fill our time before the museum opened and you can read about that here. Let’s get the important

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