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7 Clever ways to avoid seasickness

  When picturing our family cruise, a scene that did not come to mind was my four kids sitting around the dinner table looking green and holding their stomachs saying they weren’t hungry and could they go back to bed.  Kids get seasickness?  Yes actually they can get it, anyone really can get it.  However this scene is rarely every

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5 Reasons we are choosing tent camping over hotel rooms

When we first started talking about our three week epic road trip across the United States and into Canada, we were a little worried about more than a few things. The first was of course our three dogs, the next was spending as much time outdoors as possible doing the things we love, like hiking. Considering we have traveled many

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21 of the BEST things visitors can do on the island of Terceira

Picture perfect lava rocks with beautiful blue water crashing against them, city life without the crowds and stunning views around every bend. It’s no wonder the island of Terceira is becoming more and more popular. If you are one of the thousands heading to this beautiful island in the Azores archipelago, I have put together a list to help you

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The Interior Parks and Lagoons of Terceira

While it’s really easy to stick with the rocky coastline, beautiful lava pools, charming towns and stunning beaches located on the exterior of the island, don’t forget to check out the interior of Terceira as well.  I am not just talking about the lava caves and the famous Serra do Cume, although those are stunning and coming soon in an

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6 Rental Car Tips and Tricks for Terceira Island

After booking our trip to Terceira, I started looking into options for getting around the island only to find there wasn’t much information available.  Did they have a bus system? Taxis?  After a long debate on just winging it or making a plan, I decided to just try to rent a car while we were there.  That seemed like the

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7 Free things to do in Charleston South Carolina

One of the most fascinating cities in the South, Charleston’s streets are filled with history and charm.  Spending the day walking around, observing the beauty and taking great Instagram pictures is a favorite past time of many who visit the city, however there are quite a few other free things to do in the city.  Charleston doesn’t have to be an expensive

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