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6 Tips for staying healthy while cruising

For starters, let me just say cruise ships are for having fun and enjoying yourself.  So it’s really important you definitely do that.  If that means you want a cream cheese stuffed French toast smothered in syrup for breakfast, then go for it!  You are on a cruise ship and should definitely be living it up.  It’s really important to keep

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10 Amazing things you should see and do in Iceland

Landing at Reykjavik, was like something out of a movie.  The plane easily gliding to a stop on what seemed to be one huge sheet of ice, and looking at the window and seeing nothing but snow and…well nothingness.  The white nothingness took my breath away, it was like nothing I had seen before.  We spent the next few days

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What to pack for a Springtime trip to Tuscany

Planning a springtime trip to Tuscany?  Whether you are visiting Florence, Lucca, Pisa or Montecatini Terme you are in for a wonderful time.  Tuscany is beautiful and has worked it’s way up to be one of my favorite places to visit.  I am in love with it’s amazing weather, beautiful architecture, delicious wine and gelato.  Oh the gelato.  Lots and

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So we bought a motorhome…

“That’s great!  We’ll take her!”  and with those words we sealed our fate. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it’s been a roller coaster ride, and we are still hanging on tight waiting for the twists and turns we know are coming soon.  We just didn’t know how soon.  As we pulled into the DMV with the guy that

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No cell service in Ireland, no problem

I get asked quite a bit about SIM cards and keeping in contact while travelling, and truth be told, I have never gotten an international sim card. Usually when travelling we use wi-fi to keep in touch and make reservations. I know people feel like they need a phone number for someone to call, but let me be the first

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5 Things to Pack for a Family Cruise

  You have been on so many cruises that you are now a “platinum” member, and have decided it was time to bring the family along.  The kids are old enough to remember the trip and truth be told everyone could use a break from their electronics.  You book the cruise and tell the family and the first question everyone

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